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Jarjarjr’s Soul Service and Special Guest: Uly

Cyprus avenue

Sun 28th Oct – Cyprus Avenue
Doors 2pm 
About the Artist

Cork-based artist jarjarjr has been making noise now for just shy of a decade, amassing a huge cult-like international following along the way.

Fusing a vast and eclectic set of influences, ranging from instrumental hip-hop, rap, and jazz, jarjarjr has conjured up a sound in Irish Hip Hop that is entirely new. His lyrics are emotionally supercharged, often indulgently scathing and always an aural treat.

His 2023 release ‘Song 50,000’ is a collaboration with Dublin jazz trio Five to Two. This potent jazz-rap crossover is his first vocal appearance and a mere taste of things to come. His self-produced debut rap album “Catch the Dusk”, being bolstered up by some of the most talented voices and players in the Irish music scene, is highly anticipated and scheduled for release in late 2023.

Last year, jarjarjr presented the inaugural Soul Service at St. Luke’s Church as part of the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival, a curated gathering of the most exciting and experimental voices in hip-hop, jazz, and neo-soul. This saw Kassa Overall (Warp Records), Bricknasty (FAMM) and jarjarjr play to a sold out venue on the opening night of the jazz weekend.

This year he does it all over again, inviting one of the most intriguing and endearing voices in Irish music to the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival: Uly. This will be a night to remember, further reinforcing the soon to be institution that is jarjarjr’s Soul Service.

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